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Economic Council of Martin County
Our Mission:
Ensure Martin County is a sustainable, quality community.
Planning from the future
Based on population growth estimates, and to maintain a 5% unemployment rate or better, Martin County will need to add
3,314 New Jobs by 2020
9,430 New Jobs by 2030
Prosperity and High Paying Jobs * Market Competitiveness
Vibrant and Sustainable Communities
Economic Council of Martin County:
"Securing Martin County's Future"
Our History:
The Economic Council was created in 1985 by Martin County's top business leaders and today its membership is a diverse cross-section of the County's key industries and businesses. Our members achieve success and recognition in our community, and demonstrate selfless leadership qualities and high character and values. For more than 30 years, our members have positively impacted the business landscape in Martin County. Every year, members of the Economic Council positively impact our community.
See the Economic Council's
2016 Legislative Priorities
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