Cowhide & Cardboard

Sara and Patrick Lindgren
Chuck and Lisa Gerardi
Scott Proctor calls for bids for two NY Yankees caps signed by the 6 attending MLB players
Event Foundation Sponsor, Audi Stuart, Devin Carlson
Devin Carlson (Audi Stuart) and John Leaver (Infiniti Stuart) present the Economic Council with a donation for M.E.'s Team Foundation
Chuck Gerardi auctions off a signed 1962 Jim Kaat baseball card
Former MLB All-Star Pitcher and Stuart resident Jim Kaat
Carson Novins with Jim Kaat. Novins won the autographed 1963 Jim Kaat baseball card
Scott Proctor with the raffle ticket sales team-- Sean and Wyatt Menendez, Hunter Schoch and ed Pfluger
John Leaver, Debra Duvall, Jennifer Esler (the Elliott Museum), Chuck Gerardi and Devin Carlson
Bob Raynes
Scott & Carrie Proctor, Joyce & Stephen Page
Council Chairman Ed Weinberg announces the raffle prize winners
Rob Murphy accepts his raffle prize from Chuck Gerardi
Devin Carlson and Chuck Gerardi
Sam Bruning (Morgan Stanley) is a double- jersey raffle winner!
Jim Menendez (Crary Buchanan) and Rob Murphy
Bob Raynes and Chuck Gerardi
Devin Carlson, John Leaver and Ed Weinberg
Stuart City Manager Paul Nicholetti (left)
Ryan Strom with Scott Turnbull (Crary Buchanan)
Erin Weinberg, Bob Raynes & Susan O'Rourke, Maureen & Chris Arago, and Virginia
Joe & Trish Capra, Tammy Simoneau and Harold Tourjee
Chuck Gerardi with the raffle sales team-- Hunter Schoch, Ed Pfluger, and Sean and Wyatt Menendez
Chuck Gerardi with Peter Kemp
Jennifer Esler with Amy Brunjes
Rob Murphy, Chuck Gerardi & Scott Proctor
Dan & Ricki Carmody
Karen & Mike Crook
Dan & Ricki Carmody, Sara and Patrick Lindgren, Deb Duvall, Dan Morris
Stephen and Joyce Page, Peter Kemp, Scott Konopka
Jennifer Esler with Jim Kaat
Tammy Simoneau, BDB's Jill Marassa, the "Popcorn Girl", Michelle Tierney and the Elliott's Colleen Butcher
Travis Walker, Jim Menendez, and the raffle ticket sales team
Lisa & Chuck Gerardi, Deb Duvall, Scott & Carrie Proctor
Scott Proctor, with Jim Menendez, signs for Colleen Butcher (Elliott Museum)
Jim Kaat signs for Colleen Butcher (Elliott Museum)
Travis Walker (far right)
John Leaver, Chuck Gerardi & Devin carlson
A Bird's Eye view of the "Cowhide & Cardboard" crowd