Fundamental Beliefs

Economic Council's 2016 Legislative Priorities

Martin County Legislative Delegation
Thursday, September 24, 2015
  1. Comprehensive Water Quality Plan (Quality of Life)

Because of its $639M direct impact on our economy and quality of life, our marine industry and on tourism; we support Governor Scott’s plan to have a prioritized, orderly system to “Finish the Job” and complete existing and funded waterway projects.

Specifically, we support:

  • Continued funding to complete the 2nd phase of the C-44 project, as well as prioritization of the remaining components of Indian River Lagoon-South/CERP project and inclusion in the Integrated Delivery Schedule; and for the C-23, C-24 and C-25 restoration projects.
  • Funding for dredging of the St. Lucie Federal Navigation and other inlets, and for the re-nourishment of our beaches
  • State matching funds for local septic-to-sewer conversion
  • State matching funds for local water farming projects
  • The Department of Environmental Protection’s request for recurring funding for maintenance and operation of Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory (LOBO) devices in the IRL network
  1. Comprehensive Economic Diversity Plan (Jobs)

Martin County needs a reasonable, responsible long-term economic growth plan which is not only sensitive to our environment and quality of life; but, in fact, preserves it. We support programs which recognize the changing demographics of our market, and which help to educate and prepare our future workforce in our preferred, core industries.

Specifically, we support:

  • Incentives for higher-wage job creation in the preferred, core industries: Marine, Aviation/Aerospace, Technology, Health Services, Environmental and Professional Services.
  • The development of business incentives to replace the (Indiantown) Enterprise Zone program.
  • The expansion of STEM-based curriculum in schools, positioning Florida as a “go to” state for related growth industries.
  • Expansion of the Manufacturing Training program at IRSC/Paradigm Precision.
  • Continued support for the investment in long-term efforts to retain and grow the Research, Biotech and Life Sciences industries in our region.

Additional Endorsements

  • We advocate for authorization to allow direct municipal access to the sales surtax for infrastructure improvements, dredging and other ecologically beneficial projects.
  • In order to ensure the safety and protection for our citizens, we advocate for State and DOT funding for rail corridor safety improvements and Quiet Zones, for evaluation of alternative western corridor options, for grade separation improvements at Monterey Road, and for extensive upgrades and repairs of the St. Lucie River Bridge in anticipation of future rail expansion projects.
The Economic Council believes that in order to build a quality community we must have:
  • A healthy, diverse and sustainable economy

  • Outstanding primary, secondary and post-secondary education opportunities. Education is essential if the Business Development Board, (the County's official Economic Development Organization) is to be successful in recruiting and retaining quality businesses, attracting higher-paying wages and creating diverse business development opportunities.

  • A positive business environment that encourages develops and nurtures entrepreneurialism.

  • A natural, healthy, clean environment and protection of our water, land and natural resources.

  • An efficient and responsive government, progressive in providing for the community’s infrastructure needs, including planning and providing transportation, housing, parks and recreation assets.

  • Government that is efficient at all levels and responds to the needs of the citizenry in a cost-effective and timely manner. The best way to reduce the cost of government is to eliminate mandates and encourage private enterprise

  • A community where business, government, and civic organizations seek to strengthen common bonds, not promote differences. We must embrace balance and inclusiveness and foster new leadership and diversity.


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